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A Parents' Handbook is available for all parents of students at Worth which is designed to enable you to understand the life of the School. It is regularly updated and contains useful information about the services offered by the School, and describes our policy in certain areas. Click on Parents' Handbook to view the document in its entirety or view key sections of the Handbook from the list below. Alternatively, click here to view the Parents' Handbook in another format. The Code of Behaviour, Complaints Procedure for Students and Welfare Policy can be found in the Parents' Handbook.

If parents would like guidance on any other policies, please contact the School.

Worth School's Privacy Notice for current pupils/parents can be found here and for prospective pupils/parents is here.


Admissions Policy  

Alcohol Code for Pupils  

Anti-Bullying Policy  

Anti-Smoking Policy  

Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy  

Covid-19 School Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy Annex  

Concerns and Complaints Policy for Parents  

Data Protection Policy for Staff, Pupils and Parents  

Drugs (Substance Abuse) Policy  

Educational Visits Policy  

Equal Opportunities Policy  

Examinations Policy  

Health and Safety Policy  

Medical Care Policy  

Medical Department Handbook  

Promoting Positive Pupil Behaviour and Relationships Policy  

Relationships and Sex Education Policy  

Relationships and Sexual Conduct Policy  

Safeguarding: Staff Prudence Guidance  

Safeguarding: Whistle-blowing  

Self-isolation Handbook  

Terms and Conditions  

Uniform and Dress Code  

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