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The earliest point of entry to Worth is at Year 7 (11+) for boys and girls. This is the natural point of entry for those moving on from their maintained sector primary schools but an increasing number are now joining from independent Prep schools.

Highly professional teaching in small classes helps to ensure that pupils make excellent progress. Careful monitoring by tutors and teachers, and the learning of study skills, also encourage high achievement.

Boys and girls joining in Year 7 at Worth are able to access all the academic teaching and extensive facilities of the Senior school, but also retain the small classes, co-curricular activities and dedicated support appropriate for their age, and thus have the best of both worlds: a Prep school environment but with all that a Senior school can offer.

“Pupils’ attitudes to learning are excellent and they recognise that the School values a positive attitude rather than pure outcomes.” ISI Inspection 2017.

Boys and girls in Year 7 and Year 8 belong to Austin House which has its own accommodation, House staff and tutors. Austin House is a base for those joining in the Junior Years, providing a crucial stepping stone for both boys and girls as they transition to a Senior school environment. Ideally located at the heart of the campus, Austin House is clearly part of the main School but also has its own identity and a happy, family atmosphere that allows the pupils to flourish. Frequent visitors to the House include the Year 13 Prefects who the Head Master appoints each year with responsibility for the Junior pupils; the bonds between the Juniors and Prefects are very helpful in reassuring the younger pupils and building confidence.

Within the House, there are study and social areas with sofas, a kitchen, staff offices, pupil lockers and the popular table football and table tennis tables. Pupils do not eat lunch in the House, but have their own dining area nearby with a menu tailored to their age and preferences. There are regular House activities and social events, often hosted by the very active parents’ association, the Friends of Worth.

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