Head Master's Welcome
    In looking for a school, every parent seeks – in addition to high academic standards and a vibrant programme of activities – a place where their child can belong. At Worth, the ideals of the family run through everything we do: we celebrate achievement with joy; we value listening and tolerance; we see the importance of each and every person.

    Worth is a place where we seek to uncover and ignite children's passions and talents. The path a life takes often begins at school, and this is why we do not just provide education, we offer learning with heart and soul, and this gives Worth a difference of kind that sets us apart.

    Situated in 500 acres of beautiful Sussex countryside, and within easy reach of London and Gatwick, Worth is a leading co-educational, Catholic boarding and day school. I invite you to visit us and see how the warmth of the Worth community allows boys and girls to thrive within the classroom, on the sports field, in the creative arts, and within their friendships. You will meet pupils nurtured by both the richness of Benedictine tradition, and the best that modern education has to offer.

    You will see confident, happy children who are proud to show you their school.

    I look forward to welcoming you.

    Stuart McPherson, MA
    Head Master

    Visit our Admissions section to find out more about joining Worth School


    The Admissions Process
    1. Contact the School and request a prospectus
    2. Attend one of our Open Days
    3. Complete the registration form
    4. Arrange an individual visit to the School
    5. Dependent on age, either entrance tests or interview
    6. Enrolment in September and induction day for new pupils
    Our Benedictine Ethos

    The Rule of St Benedict was written some 1,500 years ago for religious communities in an age very different from what we know today. Yet the wisdom of The Rule remains a clear and practical guide for modern day life and the complexities of 21st century living. Within our Benedictine ethos we discover how to structure community living which enables the individual to find personal strength, success and contentment whilst also establishing a genuinely supportive environment.

    At Worth we recognise that everyone in our community is on a personal spiritual journey. Our experiences and relationships can be transformed on a daily basis by the power of God’s infinite love and by our response to that love. Our Benedictine tradition encourages young people to go on a journey of self-awareness and understanding. It inspires them to consider by thought, action and prayer, to know themselves and their potential, whilst learning how to live with virtue and integrity. Their journey is not a solitary path but one shared and supported by the entire community.

    Read more about our Benedictine ethos

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    Upcoming Events
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    WEEK A01/02/16 07/02/16
    Year 13 IB Mock Examinations begin Gym1 (end Wednesday 10th February)01/02/16 10/02/16
    Year 13 A Level Art trip to London Galleries05/02/16 05/02/16
    Night Prayers – Vocation Vigil 9.00 pm05/02/16 21:0005/02/16
    Open Day - Flag Day06/02/16 06/02/16
    2nd Vigil Mass for School, Abbey Church 7.20 pm06/02/16 19:2006/02/16
    Rugby 7s: U18 Shiplake, Oxfordshire07/02/16 07/02/16
    Sunday Outing: 1. Oxshott Swimming Centre 2. Café Culture/Cinemas/Shopping trip to Crawley07/02/16 07/02/16
    Mass, (Abbey Consort) Abbey Church 9.30 am07/02/16 09:3007/02/16
    Year 11 Art trip to London Galleries08/02/16 08/02/16
    WEEK B08/02/16 14/02/16
    Year 12 AS Pre-Examinations Briefing, PAC Theatre 1.30 pm08/02/16 13:3008/02/16
    Year 12 & 13 Photography trip09/02/16 09/02/16
    French Debating Competition – St Paul’s Girls’ School departs 2.00 pm returns approx. 9.00 pm09/02/16 14:0009/02/16 21:00
    Year 13 IB Mock Examinations end10/02/16 10/02/16
    Ash Wednesday: Blessing & Giving of the Ashes, Abbey Church 10.50 am10/02/16 10:5010/02/16
    House Photographs10/02/16 12:0010/02/16 14:30
    SMSC: Years 7-10 – Internet Safety Week (with tutors 5.05 pm)10/02/16 17:0510/02/16
    Instrumental Concert, Coleburt Room 6.30 pm10/02/16 18:3010/02/16
    Rugby 7s: Sussex U1311/02/16 11/02/16
    Sixth Form Physics CERN trip to Switzerland (returns 14th Feb)11/02/16 14/02/16
    Thursday Worship - Mass, Abbey Church 5.10 pm11/02/16 17:1011/02/16
    Light lunch for Year 9 Parents from 11.45 am12/02/16 11:4512/02/16
    Please note that Parents’ Conference dates and times may be subject to review and will be confirmed in due course.12/02/16 11:4512/02/16
    Half Term begins 12.00 pm12/02/16 12:0012/02/16
    Welcome & Presentation to Year 9 Parents by the Head Master & Mr Simon Fisher 12.10 pm12/02/16 12:1012/02/16
    Year 9 Parents’ Conference 12.40-2.30 pm12/02/16 12:4012/02/16 14:30
    Half Term ends, boarders return from 6.00 pm21/02/16 18:0021/02/16
    Year 9 Academic Scholarship Examinations – Cowdray Room/Napier Room22/02/16 22/02/16
    Year 12 AS Mock Examinations begin Gym 1 (end Saturday 27th February)22/02/16 27/02/16
    WEEK A22/02/16 28/02/16
    Year 9 Academic Scholarship Examinations – Cowdray Room/Napier Room23/02/16 23/02/16
    Year 9 Academic Scholarship Examinations – Cowdray Room/Napier Room24/02/16 24/02/16
    Year 9 Non Academic Scholarships Auditions and Interviews – Cowdray Room/Napier Room24/02/16 24/02/16
    Chamber Music Concert, Coleburt Room 6.30 pm24/02/16 18:3024/02/16
    Year 11 Morning of Reflection, PAC Theatre 8.50 am-1.10 pm25/02/16 08:5025/02/16 13:10
    Thursday Worship – Eucharistic Adoration and Benediction, Abbey Church 5.10 pm25/02/16 17:1025/02/16
    Sevenoaks Futsal – details tbc26/02/16 26/02/16
    Headway Lecture: Outreach International – Steve Summers, PAC Theatre 5.10 pm26/02/16 17:1026/02/16
    Year 12 AS Mock Examinations end27/02/16 27/02/16
    2nd Parents’ Seminar - The Forerunners by Will Desmond, Chaplaincy 10.30 am-12.00 pm27/02/16 10:3027/02/16
    Gervase & St Mary’s House Parents’ History of Worth talk by Fr Bede, Patrick Lamb Centre 10.30 am27/02/16 10:3027/02/16
    3rd Vigil Mass for School, Abbey Church 7.20 pm27/02/16 19:2027/02/16
    Rugby 7s: U16 Reigate Grammar School, Guildford28/02/16 28/02/16
    Sunday Outing: 1. Buffet Brunch at Charlie Choys 2. Crawley Trips28/02/16 28/02/16
    Mass, (Abbey Choir) Abbey Church 9.30 am28/02/16 09:3028/02/16
    WEEK B29/02/16 04/03/16
    Book Week (29th February to 5th March)29/02/16 05/03/16
    A Level Business Studies Revision Course (all day) venue/classroom tbc01/03/16 01/03/16
    Worth 7’s U18 Tournament02/03/16 02/03/16
    Author visit – Robin Stevens: writing workshop 2.00- 3.00 pm, talk & signing 3.30-4.30 pm (Austin pupils)02/03/16 14:0002/03/16 16:30
    Scale-a-thon, Coleburt Room 5.00 pm02/03/16 17:0002/03/16
    Worth Unplugged, Coleburt Room 7.00 pm02/03/16 19:0002/03/16
    World Book Day03/03/16 03/03/16
    Year 12 IB & AS pupils trip to Mathematics in Action, London 10.45 am-4.00 pm03/03/16 10:4503/03/16 16:00
    Thursday Worship - Mass, Abbey Church 5.10 pm03/03/16 17:1003/03/16
    LAMDA exams04/03/16 04/03/16
    Year 13 EPQ Presentation Showcase, PAC Theatre 5.20 pm04/03/16 17:2004/03/16
    Night Prayers – Vocation Vigil 9.00 pm04/03/16 21:0004/03/16
    Year 12 Parents’ Welcome and Presentation by the Head Master & Mr Simon Fisher 9.00 am05/03/16 09:0005/03/16
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